Posted by samakomlao Thursday, December 3, 2009

The SEA Games 2009 medals are being produced by a Vietnamese company – MarCom. This firm is also the exclusive provider of souvenirs for the games in Laos. MarCom Chairman and General Director Nguyen Hien Luong said that the company surpassed experienced rivals from China and Thailand to win the medal-casting contract thanks to their careful research of Lao culture and history.

Luong said that his company spent eight months learning about Lao people and their lives so that its medal designs clearly reflect Laotian culture. The front side of the 25th SEA Games medals depicts the Thatl Luong pagoda, a famous tourist site in Laos.

Below the pagoda in English are the words “SEA Games 25th Laos”. The medals are decorated by Champa flowers and leaves, symbols of Laos.

The medal’s back side is a big, blossomed champa flower with five petals.

In the center of the flower are Champa and Champi elephants, sacred animals for the 25th SEA Games


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