Another theme song for 2009 Vientiane Games

Posted by samakomlao Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Under the blue sky,
It is time the sun shines all over the sky.
Lao people, let's get together our 6 million hearts, to host the SEA Games

Let's come together, hands in hands, and go together to develop our sports
Let's come together, no matter where we are, show our spirits and sincerity
Vientiane games,
(Vientiane games, Vientiane games, Vientiane games, hey...)

We are coming from different places, countries and having different languages
Today we come here as the spirit of sportsmanship,
To build up our friendship and relationship
at the Vientiane capital

We have dedicated a lot of our time just for today,
Our hope is to be number #1
But more than anything else, is our friendship.

Generosity, Amity and Healthy Lifestyle
Vientiane games heyyyy!!!

To listen to this Lao song, check out the clip below.

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