Golf: a medal hope for Laos at the 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, November 8, 2009

The nation's golfers are better prepared than ever as they come out swinging for the 25th SEA Games in December.

Lao Golf Federation President Sounthone Sirisack said while the team was still young, they had gained valuable experiences and improved their scores since previous competitions.

With the golfers improving greatly, he raised the stakes by saying that golf will be a medal hope for Laos at the 25th SEA Games.

“We didn't perform well enough in previous SEA Games, but this time we are the host so our athletes have goodwill from the government, Lao people and their families to practise hard for these games.”

“Now they are better than ever and ready for the challenge,” he said.

After the announcement that golf would be included as one of the sports of the 25th SEA Games, the federation had gathered the nation's most experienced as well as up-and-coming players.

Trial matches were held to select the best golfers in Laos to prepare for the games in December.

“We had many of them prepare for the games, and now we have chosen 10 of them for the final team,” Mr Sounthone said.

“We have seven starting members including three women. The remaining three will be substitutes.”

During the preparations, the golfers received encouragement from the federation and the government as well as their families, who are eager to support them as they compete for the nation.

“We have had enough equipment during preparations and received great cooperation from the countries where we sent our players to practise. This was good preparation for them ahead of the games,” he said.

Mr Sounthone said the federation has found the popularity of golf in Laos to be increasing.

The SEA Games are seen as an opportunity for the federation to spark development of a new generation of Lao golfers.

The federation has also teed up financial support.

Assisting the federation financially are Beam Global Asia Pte Limited (US$15,000) and International Commercial Bank Lao Limited (US$5,000).

Both are hoping their support will translate into Lao success on fairways next month.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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