Lao committees put preparations of 25th SEA Games to the test

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, November 8, 2009

After many months of preparations, the SEA Games Organising Committee has arranged a rehearsal session next week to put everything to the test.

The SEA Games Technical and Preparation of Sport Contingent Committee reported last Friday that all committees and federations will set up sample events on November 16-20.

This is seen as a valuable exercise to highlight any problems before the main event next month.

Technical Committee Chairman Somphou Phongsa told the local press it would be an important event and give participants useful experience.

There will be test events for some sports, after which all the committees and bodies involved will go to the field to see what aspects need to be improved or changed.

“This rehearsal will follow the plan for the games in December which the organisers have prepared, then all committees will follow up the plan,” Mr Somphou said.

Test events will include setting up equipment and systems such as timing and scoring, along with other practical aspects of the games.

They will also involve gathering athletes at the SEA Games Village , referees at hotels, transportation, traffic control, medical services, and security.

“For example, transport officials will pick up athletes and referees from various places and follow the planned route to each stadium. When they arrive, other committees will follow the prepared plan step by step until we get to the end of the games,” Mr Somphou said.

“Then we will practise raising the flag of the winner's country, presenting medals and other items on the agenda.”

The exercise would replicate the actual events that would take place during the SEA Games.

“If we find any mistakes, those responsible will correct the situation before the games,” he said.

The event will be the biggest test for all the committees involved and a useful experience in pointing out mistakes and any weaknesses in preparations. All of the committees and other bodies involved are now training their staff and volunteers who will work at the games.

“In the last few days many of the IT staff working at the games have had a training course from the National Authority for Science and Technology,” Mr Somphou said.

“Today there will be another training course for masters of ceremonies and presenters to make sure they know what they have to do and what their mission is, as well as how to collect information about the games for presentation during the main event in December.”

He said many of the trainees would appear on television so their dress, health and education as well as use of local and foreign languages should be perfect, so they could be understood by viewers and listeners throughout the region.

On the same day, other committees have a training session in flag raising and medal presentation.

The test event will answer questions posed by the games organising committee and members of the public about whether Laos will be a good host of the 25th SEA Games.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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