Committee allocates spectator parking for the 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, November 8, 2009

The SEA Games Organising Committee has prepared 47 hectares of parking space at the National Stadium, where the main events will take place.

About 10 hectares of land owned by the Ministry of Information and Culture, and an additional 14 and 13 hectare lots are being operated by Vietnamese companies, said the Vientiane Department of Public Works and Transport's Deputy Director, Mr Chanxay Vinavong.

The car parks should hold around 10,000 vehicles, enough for the number of expected spectators.

On the busiest days, such as the opening and closing ceremonies or the most popular sporting events, vehicles including buses, vans and pick-up trucks wanting to access the city centre from the north of Vientiane should take Sithong Road or Souphanouvong Avenue , Mr Chanxay advised.

He said another approach could be via the Nongbeuk-Dongdok Road , turning right at Tanmixay crossroads. Sports spectators should take the new road through Oudomphon, Lathkuay and Dongbang villages, ending in a turn right at the stadium.

Vehicles coming from Road No. 10 (Ban Keun) into the city centre should pass Thangone village and turn right at Phonsavanh to the Tanmixay crossroads, via Huayteuay, Nonsengchan, Viengkeo and Natom villages.

Spectators wishing to get to the stadium should turn left into Oudomphon, Latkhuay-Dongbang Road then turn right at Km 19 on Road No. 13 south and park in the new car park.

Vehicles coming from other countries should also use this route, Mr Chanxay said.

Vehicles coming from Sangthong district and Xayaboury province should take Road No. 11 into the city centre, and then turn right at the Sikhay junction onto Souphanouvong Avenue .

Another route into central Vientiane would be along Tadmoon Road turning right at Nongtaeng junction, or from Road No. 13, turning left on to Sithong Road through Dongnaxok village.

Mr Chanxay said people wanting to get to the stadium should proceed along Kaoliew Road and turn left at the Sikhay junction, or take the Tadmoon-Nongtaeng road and turn left on Road No. 13 and then take the next right along the Nongbeuk-Dongdok road then turn left at Tanmixay crossroads into new road and take Oudomphon through Latkhuay-Dongbang Road then turn right at Km 19 on Road No. 13 south and park in the new car park.

People arriving from the south or from neighbouring countries should follow Road No. 13 south to the National Stadium.

Vehicles wanting to access the city centre should turn left at Km 21 and take Khoksa-aat Road through Nakhuay village to Huakhua junction, or take the Khoksa-aat-Ban Xok-Samkhe Road to Vangsai junction into Nongnieng village to Huakhua junction.

They could also turn right at Km 19, take the Dongbang-Latkhuay Road via Oudomphon crossroads and then take the new road to Tanmixay crossroads.

Trucks weighing more than 21 tonnes wanting to access the city centre should use the same route. To go north, should use this route then turn right onto Nongbeuk Road or turn right at Oudomphon crossroads.

Spectators taking public transport to the stadium would travel along Kaysone Phomvihane Road to Km 13 south then stop or turn at the stadium.

Mr Chanxay said private vehicles should take the Nongnieng or Huakhua route through Nakhuay or Samke-Ban Xok and Khoksa-aat villages then turn left at Km 21 onto Road No. 13.

Private vehicles could also take the new road at the Tanxixay crossroads through Oudomphon crossroads and Dongbang-Latkhuay Road , then turn right at Km 19.

Vehicles from neighbouring countries should use the same route.

For the Beungkhayong Sports Centre, spectators should park at Beungkhayong Park or Vat Phaxay.

For the Chao Anouvong Stadium, vehicles should park at the National Culture Hall, the National Museum or along the roadside, Mr Chanxay said.

By Khamphone Syvongxay


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