Lao Cheer leaders have their final practices

Posted by samakomlao Monday, November 23, 2009

More than 1,300 cheerleaders from upper secondary schools throughout Vientiane will get together at Phailom School tomorrow for a final practice of their routine before taking to the SEA Games field next month. SEA Games Cheering Committee Chairman Mr Bounsouk Thilasack said yesterday that November 21 would be the final day of practice before the games, so it would be a big test for the students. “We have arranged for some of the cheerleaders to support athletes from other countries who have less people to cheer for them, so the students acting as cheerleaders will be well-mannered and friendly,” he said.

The SEA Games Organising Committee worked with the Ministry of Education from June this year to discuss the role of students as cheerleaders. The games committee allowed the Ministry’s Head of Office Mr Bounsack to close six upper secondary schools in Vientiane, including Phailom, Sathid, Phonsvanh, Vientiane, Phiavat and Xaysettha schools during the games. “After getting that permission, we discussed with the interested sectors and schools an appropriate time for the students to rehearse for the games. Funding for this has been provided by the government,” Mr Bounsouk said.

He said that during the rehearsals, the students had been trained in orderly cheering, the right and wrong things to do, fairness, manners and good conduct. “We had two training sessions - before the practice on the field and after the practice. We will have the real practice this Saturday, then on November 28, and then another training session on the right and wrong things to do before the games start on December 2,” he said. The cheerleaders will be present at the games from December 2-18, when the committee will allow them access to each sports venue including the National Stadium, Dongdok campus, Lao-ITECC, Buengkhayong, Don Chan Palace and others. “Each sports venue will have a leader to supervise each student group, and the committee will also monitor their work at each venue during the competition,” Mr Bounsouk said.

He said all the cheerleaders would have equipment such as horns, the Lao and SEA Games flags, shirts and hats. “They will use these to spur on the athletes during the competition,” he said. At a SEA Games Organising Committee meeting, the Chairman, Mr Somsavat Lengsavad, said the students would be an important part of the games because they would create a more exciting atmosphere than if there was no one to cheer for the teams.

Source: Vientiane Times

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