Buses warm up for 25th SEA Games service

Posted by samakomlao Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lao Association of Travel Agents has confirmed its readiness to provide bus and hospitality services during the SEA Games next month. The association held a meeting this week to publicise its progress in the provision of services to guests as well as the performers, students and volunteers who will be involved with the games. Association President Bouakhao Phomsouvanh said that after the preparation of staff and vehicles, the association was now confident it would be able to provide convenient and friendly services for guests.

Tourism officials have been trained in foreign language and service skills. Drivers also play an important role in providing a positive impression and have been trained to provide the best of local hospitality. Mr Bouakhao said the games were considered an important test for member businesses as well as the association as a whole, as it was the first time they would be providing services at such a large event. They needed to be prepared and ensure the efficiency of their vehicles and personnel, he said. He said Laos had an ideal location and could offer many tourist attractions in terms of culture, history and natural beauty.

“We will take this opportunity to attract visitors through our tourism promotions to get guests to understand more about Laos, especially focusing on peace and security in the country.” From October 3 until the opening of the games, the association is using between 50 and 75 buses with a capacity of between 35 and 45 passengers to ferry volunteers between the city and outlying venues. During the games from December 9 to 18, the association will use 159 buses to transport athletes and performers. More buses will be used to take athletes to and from the borders of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The association has arranged for staff to be stationed at six key locations to provide information about tourism and advise guests how to get to their intended destination. These will also act as hubs for tours of the capital which will be available every day in the morning and afternoon.

The association is also promoting tours to other places in the nation prior to and after the games. Thirteen tours will be offered for those wanting to travel around Laos.

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