Lao people work hard to produce food for the 25th SEA Games crowd

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, October 13, 2009

(KPL) Some districts in Vientiane Capital are focusing on how they can play a part in ensuring the success of the 25th SEA Games.

Xaythany district felt that it should play a special role because the SEA Games stadium is located in this district and the people wanted to contribute to the organization relating to the opening and closing ceremonies.

As part of their effort the villagers are now working harder than ever in rearing various types of livestock and they are meant to be sold during the SEA Games period.

Mr Thongteam Luangxay, Head of Agriculture Unit, Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Office of Xaythany district, recently announced that for the fiscal year 2008-2009, his department carried out a census exercise of the livestock of the district and added it had 4,535 buffaloes, 21,297 cows, 21,437 pigs, 6,483 goats and 278,564 poultry.

The district, he added has six cattle farms with 1,022 cows and 21 pig farms with 17,071 pigs.

Mr Thongteam said that chicken farms enjoyed a rapid expansion over a one-year period, from just 29 chicken farms in 2008 to 49 farms in 2009. Today these farms rear 98,259 chicken.

There are duck farms too, he said, 11 of them and they rear 14,420 ducks.
The district has two shrimp ponds covering 80 hectares and the producers sell 50 kilograms of shrimps per day to the retailers in the market.

The people of this district also rear fish in cages in the Nam-ngum river. They have 700 fish cages and they are planning to expand it to 1,000 cages.

Mr Thongteam said that his district produces surplus food. For a normal year it produces 320.88 tons of foodstuff: 2,853 of pork, 23 tons of mutton, 24,190 tons of fish and 73 tons of shrimps.

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