Sports federations deliver progress reports of 25th SEA Games (video)

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, September 27, 2009

Standing Deputy Prime Minister and SEA Games Organising Committee Chairman Somsavat Lengsavad gathered the Lao sports federations at the Prime Minister's Office on Saturday to hear summaries on the progress of preparations for the games in December.

All 25 sports federations reported on the training of athletes detailing good and weak points at the current stage of preparations. Reports covered the athletes' practice regimes, the use of training facilities, and cooperation between the SEA Games Organising Committee and the various federations.

Representatives of each sport briefed Mr Somsavat on those athletes currently in training abroad as well as preparations for the pre SEA Games events to test each stadium, which will begin at the end of this month.

After hearing the reports Mr Somsavat congratulated the federations on their progress and also advised participants on some areas that required more work.

He reminded the sports officials the games are approaching rapidly and athletes require as much encouragement, practice and access to facilities as possible.

“The federations should take care of all facilities serving the athletes, make sure they have everything they need to stay healthy and solve any problems they may have,” he said.

Mr Somsavat also said at the meeting that medal winning athletes will receive a special prize from the government and local businesses to thank them for their work for the nation.

After the half day meeting, Mr Somsavat left the Prime Minister's Office to visit training centres including the National Sports Training Centre in Sikeut village, Naxaithong district, and the Dongdok and Houayhong training centres.

During the visits Mr Somsavat heard reports from centre directors, including some concerns among athletes. One athlete at Sikeut asked for better variety in the diet provided by the centre, while others asked to volunteer at the games if they were not selected to compete.

Mr Somsavat congratulated all athletes involved in the games and recognised their hard work to represent the hopes of all Lao people in the forthcoming events.

“The Party and government are conscious of the needs of our athletes, in particular the facilities available to them at the training centres. This is the reason that I am representing the government to visit and witness the lives of athletes here, and I am ready to address all problems from athletes to discuss with the committee and find solutions.”

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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