Lao committees to announce 25th SEA Games athletes

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 25th SEA Games Preparation Committee will next week announce the exact number of Lao athletes to participate in the event this December.

The committee's Head, Bounheuang Vongphachanh, said yesterday documents are now being presented to 25 sporting federations who will then comprise lists of competitors to send back to the committee next week.

“We will determine the actual number of athletes to compete in the games, as well as substitute athletes to stand in when an original athlete is unable to perform,” he said.

It is expected more than 600 Lao athletes will participate in the games. Currently, more than 700 athletes from 25 sports are training in both Laos and abroad.

More than 500 athletes are now training in Laos , while others are preparing in Vietnam , Mongolia , Malaysia and South Korea .

“Most of the 25 federations have hired trainers from various countries in the region to coach their athletes in preparation for the games,” Mr Bounheuang said.

As part of their preparations, the athletes participate in many competitions at home and abroad. Some of them are successful, but others still need improvement before the big event commences later this year.

“Lao athletes recently won four gold and three silver medals, as well as one bronze medal in muaylao at the Asian Indoor Games 2009 in Vietnam . They have also won a gold, two silvers and one bronze medal at the 24th King's Cup Sepak Takraw World Championships 2009 in Thailand ,” Mr Bounheuang said.

The committee has also reported that Lao athletes participating in a pre-SEA Games badminton competition in Vientiane earlier this month won both silver and bronze medals.

“In the recent Thailand International Judo North Bangkok College Championships 2009, Lao athletes were awarded four silver and two bronze medals,” he added.

“During the next month, Lao athletes will be sent to participate in many competitions abroad including muaylao, taekwondo, judo, karatedo, wusu and pencak silat. The experience they gain will help to improve their skills before the games in Vientiane .”

Mr Bounheuang said national athletes were taken care of by their respective federations during training, including finances, health, food and accommodation. Athletes training abroad are supported by the sports committees of each country.

According to a report issued by the Lao National Sports Committee last week, more than 5,100 people, including around 900 officials and 4,245 competitors from 10 countries in the region, will attend the games. The committee is still awaiting the details regarding exact numbers of participants from Timor L'este.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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