Cheaper foreign pigs to be smuggled to Laos for 25th SEA Games crowd

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(KPL) There is the possibility that pigs could be smuggled into Laos from neighbouring countries during the 25th SEA Games period because of price differences.
The Local Pig Rearing Group disclosed yesterday that they were rearing more pigs than they normally do to cater to the demand for pork by the visitors of SEA Games.

At first they estimated that they only need an increase of 400-500 pigs for this event but then some pig farmers came to the conclusion that the number should be around 24,000 pigs.

Mr Vacolas Phosanarack, Director of Vanit Farm Company, revealed this week that presently his company is rearing 3,000 pigs but they are for the domestic market.
However, his company was not asked to rear any pig to make up for the expected increase in the demand for pork during the SEA Games period, said this pig farmer.

“The President of the Local Pig Rearing Group is the sole decision maker on the purchase of pigs from pig farmers. It follows that if the president decides not to buy any pig from my farm I do not have any right to complain” said Mr Vacolas.
Mr Neung Sombounkhan, President of the Lao Pigs Rearing Group, confirmed last week that his members have enough pigs only for the guests of this sporting event but it does not have any plan to supply the pork for all the visitors of SEA Games.

He said that the Pig Rearing Group decided to choose one local pig rearing company, Khamsavath Farm because this company is one of the big pig rearing companies in Laos and it has a good reputation for producing quality pork and the ability to supply the quantity that the market need. Besides the issue on pig rearing in Laos, some local pig raisers reckoned that illegal pigs may be imported from neighbouring countries the during SEA Games because the price of pork in Laos is higher than the neighbouring countries and that there still exists loopholes in the import control measures.

The price of pork in Laos hovers around the 25,000 kip per kilogram level but for the neighbouring countries it is priced at 18,000 kip per kilogram.

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