Laos confirms all SEA Games events to be in Vientiane

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, November 9, 2008

Under the original plan, the organising committee proposed Vientiane be the main venue for the games, with Champassak and Luang Prabang provinces hosting some events.

The technical committee has now said the government has decided all events will take place in Vientiane and the organising committee has now allocated venues for each sport.

A technical committee official, Mr Phouvane Vongsouthi, told the media the organising committee had called off plans for events to be organised in Champassak and Luang Prabang provinces because of budget constraints.

The organising committee said recent heavy flooding around the country had caused a great deal of damage and money that had been allocated for the SEA Games had been diverted to help flood victims. Committee members had decided not to continue with the construction of SEA Games facilities in the provinces, but to hold all the events in Vientiane .

The organising committee confirmed preparations for the SEA Games were on schedule and said all the venues would be ready on time.

The committee says athletics, swimming, diving, water polo, badminton, golf, shooting, volleyball, tennis and archery events will take place at the new sports complex being built at Km 16 in Dongsanghin village, Xaythany district.

Table tennis matches will take place at the National University of Laos (NUOL) indoor court and taekwondo and wrestling events will also be held at the campus, in the Booyoung indoor stadium.

P├ętanque matches will be at the Dongdok campus and boxing bouts will take place in the Olympasia indoor stadium at the campus.

Sepak takraw, wushu and pencak silat events will be held at the Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Football matches will be played at four different venues: the National Stadium in Anou village, Chanthabouly district; the new stadium at Km 16; the NUOL stadium and the Army stadium at Km 5.

Judo and karatedo athletes will compete at the Chao-anouvong indoor stadium in Anou village.

Kick-boxing and shuttlecock events will take place at the Vientiane Sports Department in Beungkhayong village, Sisattanak district.

Billiards and snooker will be played at the Don Chan Palace .

These plans will be reviewed at a meeting of the SEA Games Council to take place in Vientiane from November 11-13. The meeting will be attended by representatives of various Southeast Asian sporting bodies.

The people of Laos are preparing to welcome visitors to Laos to cheer on their teams at the games. The games are held to build a bridge of friendship among all South East Asian nations.

By Sisay Vilaysack

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