Lao companies needed to produce SEA Games 2009 merchandise

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Local companies are being sought to produce merchandise for sale during the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games to be held in Laos next year.

Companies wanting to produce merchandise branded with the SEA Games logos must first seek permission from Phetchampa Advertising Company, otherwise they will be in breach of copyright.

Eight foreign companies have already been granted these rights, but no Lao companies have expressed an interest in using the official SEA Games' logos.

Phetchampa Advertising is contracted by the government to organise sponsorship and marketing for the SEA Games and they can license companies to use the logos for a fee.

Company Director, Mr Khammoui Keomany, said the company was outsourcing the production of merchandise so it did not have to be involved in manufacturing or distribution.

Local companies had proposed manufacturing goods and selling them to Phetchampa Advertising for distribution, but the company is not interested in this.

“Granting permission for companies to use the logos, for a small fee, allows the event to generate income without us having to become involved in the production process,” he said.

“It is the responsibility of the company rather than the committee for any issues with product quality. We are not responsible for controlling the scale of production, so if the companies have surplus merchandise after the event it will not have any effect on our company.”

Those who have registered have enough experience to evaluate the market and how much merchandise they can sell, he said.

Mr Khammoui is also a member of the SEA Games Organising Committee. He said the fee for companies to use the logo was not too high and was not deterring local businesses. Instead, he attributed their lack of interest to insufficient marketing experience.

“We are working hard to convince local and foreign businessmen and companies to be sponsors, in order to promote the SEA Games to the outside world,” he said.

Mr Khammoui said there would be a large market for SEA Games merchandise because local people, tourists and athletes from the 10 participating countries would be interested in buying souvenirs at the event.

Businesses which have already been granted rights to use the logos include companies from Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand.

By Phonesavanh Sangsomboun

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