SEA Games performances stress on culture dissemination

Posted by samakomlao Thursday, December 3, 2009

(KPL) Laos has stressed on disseminating culture to overseas at the opening and closing ceremonies of Vientiane Games, said Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Bouagnuen Saphouvong.

He continued that the opening and closing ceremonies of the 25th SEA Games, hosted by Laos would not use up-to-date technique and equipments like other country in the region.

?We would use the existing fine culture performance pouring down the generation to spread out our culture to visitors,? he added. ?At the moment, the preparation of infrastructure has already completed and served the opening and closing ceremonies of 25th SEA Games, which main target to overcome?.

To fulfill the target of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 25th SEA Games, we have given special attention by initiated the rehearsal practice early this year.

He has stated further that the Lao PDR was still poor and the host of historical event for organising regional sport was a big challenge and to be sure that the use of modern technique was limited, therefore we have made a decision to use the colour of fine culture instead of our limitation.

The dances display and songs focus on reflecting to a long tradition of Lao culture pouring down from the ancestors, especially the dance performance would feature the Lao nationalism has only one in the world.

Other performances would also reflect to different colour culture and abundant Lao culture through the ethnic clothes wearing by displayers, the national development and construction since foundation of Laos that dated back as far as Chao Fagnum king who founded the Laos till today.

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