Standing Deputy Prime Minster and SEA Games Organising Committee Chairman Somsavat Lengsavad has asked the Opening and Closing Committee to prepare a trial run of the two ceremonies for Party and government leaders.

Mr Somsavat said at a committee meeting last Friday that the ceremonies' organising chairman should arrange a two-day performance of the ceremonies for Party and government leaders so they could see what had been prepared for the games in December.

“When I report on the progress made by the organising committee at Party and government meetings, I find people are worried about how the preparations are going because this is the first time we've held a sporting event of this magnitude,” Mr Somsavat explained.

He said he had been asked to show how the committee will pack thousands of people into the National Stadium and how it will coordinate the performances.

“If they can match the performances held in China to celebrate the 60th anniversary of National Day, it will be very good. But I know that China has a lot experience with this kind of event,” Mr Somsavat said.

During the performances, he asked each of the committees involved to test their various roles in the games, as success would depend on how well prepared each section was.

“All sections should make plans to manage their work during the games. For example, traffic officials should keep traffic = the area or on the way to the stadium,” Mr Somsavat said.

Deputy Minister of Information and Culture and Chairman of the SEA Games Opening and Closing Committee, Mr Bouangeun Saphouvong, said the ceremonies will involve performances by thousands of people who are currently rehearsing for the shows.

“We began rehearsals in May and will continue until next month. We are currently holding rehearsals at That Luang esplanade and various schools but hope to soon organise practices at the National Stadium where the games will take place.”

During Friday's meeting Mr Somsavat also said all construction work should be fully completed and events held to test the facilities before the SEA Games begin on December 9.

“All committees must watch this practice event together and see how each performs. If there are any weak points, these must be addressed before the games get underway,” he said.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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