Lao teams top sepak takraw 4-nation tournament

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lao teams emerged victorious from a four nations Sepak Takraw tournament held on October 16-17 in Vientiane .

The Lao Sepak Takraw Federation organised the tournament to test their athletes and officials before the SEA Games in December.

The event involved athletes from Malaysia , Thailand and Vietnam and was held at the Lao International Trade and Exhibition Convention Centre.

The Lao women's singles team defeated Malaysia 2-1, Thailand 2-0 and Vietnam 2-1 to be crowned champions, while the women's doubles team beat Malaysia 2-0, Thailand 2-1 and Vietnam 2-1 to finish in top place.

The Lao men's doubles team finished in second place after defeating Malaysia and Vietnam but falling to Thailand . The men's singles team took third place after a 2-0 loss to Malaysia , a 2-1 loss to Thailand and a 2-1 win over Vietnam .

Federation official Lamphone Souvanvong said the tournament attracted top athletes who are likely to compete at the SEA Games.

“We need further practice on our defence skills. Many of our players lack experience but we are proud to see their skills have improved a lot since they first started training for the games.”

The tournament allowed athletes, officials and organisers an opportunity to assess their readiness for the SEA Games as well as test the facilities to be used at the games.“The first day of the tournament was very busy, but things improved and the organisers managed to run a successful event,” Mr Lamphone said.

He said organisers received assistance from Thai officials to ensure the tournament went smoothly.

The federation has selected a final squad of 30 for the SEA Games. They were previously training in Savannakhet province, but have now moved to Vientiane in the lead-up to the games. Mr Lamphone said the federation is confident the team will perform their best in front of their home crowd and urged everyone to attend the games and support Lao athletes.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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