Tickets for 25th SEA Games cannot be faked, distributor promises

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All tickets issued for the 25th SEA Games in December will have design features that will make them impossible to copy, according to the Vongkhanty Construction Company yesterday.

Company President Phankham Vongkhanty said the company had a concession to print and distribute all tickets including those for the opening and closing ceremonies, and security against counterfeits would have the highest priority.

“We are working closely with the Ministry of Public Security on ways to make all tickets secure, but we will not reveal what these are. It will be easy for our staff to know which ones are real and which are fake,” Mr Phankham said.

He said the company will organise a training course for staff who will check all tickets before spectators enter a stadium. “They just have to look at the ticket and can tell straight away if it's real or fake.”

“Now we are doing research on the numbers of tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies as well as to sporting events. We need to know the number of standard and premium tickets.”

Mr Phankham said the Marketing and Benefit Committee had had orders from almost 10,000 people for tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies but the exact number was not yet known.

The company says there are four different ticket prices: 200,000 kip, 300,000 kip, 400,000 kip and 500,000 kip.

Tickets to events will have prices depending on the popularity of the sport, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 kip.

“Football is very popular so these tickets will be more expensive. Boxing and other events will have another price but events will be free if there are few spectators. We strongly encourage local spectators to come and watch the less popular sports as well,” he said.

The company reported that entry to cycling, golf, billiards, snooker, athletics, petanque, weightlifting and archery events will be free.

“We are moving to new offices so our fax, telephone and email details will be available soon,” Mr Phankham said.

The company explained how tickets could be booked by fax and email. Central and provincial government officials, people and businesses should contact the company or the SEA Games Marketing and Benefit Committee in Vientiane to reserve tickets.

Mr Phankham said Lao residents and foreigners interested in buying tickets should contact the committee or the company.

“If there are a lot of people wanting to come from overseas they should contact a Lao embassy but a small group can contact a relative here to make a reservation for popular events.”

The games will take place from December 9 to 18 in Vientiane , and will comprise 383 events in 25 sports.

Athletes from Laos , Vietnam , Cambodia , Brunei , Thailand , Malaysia , Indonesia , Myanmar , the Philippines , Singapore and Timor Leste will take part.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath


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