(KPL) The 25th SEA Games 2009 Organising Committee yesterday held a discussion to develop work plans and discuss the issues of the SEA Game village?s (Dong Dok Campus) executive in order to prepare for athletes from ASEAN countries.

Dr Phouthong Seng-akhom, Minister to the Prime Minister?s Office and Deputy President of the 25th SEA Games Organising Committee, has commented that the SEA Games Village is one important point because all athletes from the ASEAN countries will come to stay in this village. He said this place should be very safe and security 100 percent and the checking system for people who come in and go out will be made. We also will check the building and all bed rooms before the installation of the severance camera, added Mr. Phouthong.

The building comprised with the place for washing clothes, restaurant and press centre. For the food to be prepared for guests, Mr. Phouthong suggested that we have to cook very careful food and respect to their religion. The SEA Games village will comprise of stand for selling Lao SEA Game?s souvenir and general goods as well as the information desk.

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