Officials, Miss SEA Games prepare to present medals

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, September 13, 2009

This week more than 130 Miss SEA Games and 78 officials will learn how to present medals in ceremonies at the SEA Games.

Officials from the Ministry of National Defence and Miss SEA Games will jointly assist in medal presentations to athletes who gain third, second and first places.

They are being specially trained by Lao National Sports Committee Vice President Somphou Phongsa and other officials. They will learn the correct procedures to follow during the medal presentations.

They will learn more than just how to carry the medals. As representatives of Laos they will also be shown how to present themselves well by the way they stand, speak, sit, walk, smile and wear traditional dress and uniform.

The officials will hold the flag of each country as the medals are presented.

Mr Somphou said the medal presentations were a special occasion for the host country because all those participating were visible at every stage of the event and must make a good impression.

The Lao National Sports Committee will present medals to athletes taking part in 381 events in 25 sports.

The officials and Miss SEA Games will assist the senior guests and high ranking officials who will present the medals to successful athletes.

Mr Somphou said athletes would also be given the SEA Games mascots, the Champa and Champi elephants, during the presentation.

At the first training course, officials learned about their responsibilities including security and preparing the flags of each country.

They were all volunteers and were expected to do well in their duties at the games, he said.

The Miss SEA Games were selected by the Ministry of Information and Culture last year. They will represent Lao women in the medal presenting ceremonies.

Mr Somphou also said they would welcome and assist foreign guests during the games.

He said they and the officials should be careful not to make mistakes during the medal presentations because the events would be broadcast live on television.

He believed they would be successful because similar ceremonies went smoothly at the eighth National Games held in Champassak province last December.

The officials and Miss SEA Games will undergo training twice more in October and in November.

Medals will be presented at several sports venues, including the National University of Laos, the National Football Stadium, Chao Anouvong football stadium and indoor stadiums.

The Miss SEA Games have already attended courses held at the university about the 25 sports, the history of the SEA Games, tourism and Lao culture.

By Sangkhomsay Bubphanouvong

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