(KPL) Some members of the Lao Jewelry Association and other local businessmen voiced their unhappiness that they were not given equal opportunity to buy any of the sponsorship copyright of the 25th SEA Games? as they were priced at skyhigh levels.
Lao Jewelry Association said that they felt very upbeat and optimistic when they first heard that Laos would be hosting this regional sporting event and added that the business people who dealt with handicraft, souvenir, textile industry and jewelry dreamt they would be able to use their skills and creativity to design special products for the SEA Games meet in

This association argued that they could acquire the coveted copyright only if they are reasonably priced and on its acquisition it would set off the ripple effect of creating jobs and income for the low income Lao people.

Mr Phouvong Khamisith, President of Lao Jewelry Association told KPL News last week that his body is not a large organization and could not afford to buy a SEA Games copyright which costs US$10,000 but what they are after is just the 25th SEA Games logo for labelling their goods.

?If we buy the copyright we might make a loss as the expenditure on the purchase is higher than the capital of our products,?? said Mr Phouvong Khamisith.
Commenting on this issue, the Lao traders in Vientiane Capital said that almost all the goods for the 25th SEA Games might be manufactured in foreign countries, especially Thailand and Vietnam and they would be sent to Laos for sale during the SEA Games period.

They added that this is only a scenario but it is most likely to unfold in the days to come but what is clearly discernible is that the Lao people are not deriving any benefit and they are the losers.

Lao traders argued that they should be given discounts as the event would be held in Laos and their design and craftsmanship would surprise the SEA Games visitors and also raise the image of the country.

Phetchampa Company is a joint venture company which got the green light from the government to operate its business on advertisement during SEA Games. Currently, some local companies, such as Lao Brewery and others had already bought copyrights from Phetchampa Company.

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