Miss SEA Games ambassadors prime for events

Posted by samakomlao Monday, August 24, 2009

Not only are the national athletes preparing themselves for the biggest sporting competition ever held in Laos , but hundreds of Miss SEA Games participants are also practising for the events this December.

The beautiful ladies will present their knowledge of tradition and culture, social manners, history and more during the games.

Miss SEA Games trainer, Mr Sopha Inthavongsa, said yesterday that they will also practise their performance in the opening and closing ceremonies and the presentation of medals during the games.

“Next month, they will meet with local trainers from involved sectors. They will also learn the history of the SEA Games and tourism spots around the city. They will learn how to talk about them in English so they can relay the information to visitors,” he explained.

Most of the 100 Miss SEA Games participants were chosen in the last few months from 3,000 volunteers and liaison officers, including students and officials from the National University of Laos and other schools, as well as various ministries in the capital.

“Eleven of them were selected to hold participating countries' banners from South East Asian nations during the opening and closing ceremonies,” Mr Sopha added.

A representative of Miss SEA Games, Ms Sengsavanh Chanthavong, said that she would present Lao traditional dress and culture to foreign visitors as much as possible during the events.

“I also want to present Lao tourism spots to them. I already know a large amount of information about them from books, but I will learn more with the SEA Games committees,” she explained.

Mr Sopha reported that most of the ladies have previously visited many important historical spots in Vientiane , as well as participated in many important events related to the games.

“One of the most important aspects of being involved in Miss SEA Games' activities is learning about traditional dance from all over Laos , because they will perform these during the games,” he said.

He expressed that the ladies will be cultural ambassadors, representing all Lao women to international visitors.

Miss SEA Games participant, Ms Kesone Phachansily, said she was very honoured to have an opportunity to work with the organising committee as an ambassador.

“It is a great honour for our country to host the SEA Games and it is also a good chance to promote our country to the world and the rest of the region,” said Ms Kesone.

“During the games, when I meet with visitors from other countries, I will tell them about Lao culture and history and also talk about some of our popular tourist attractions,” she said.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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