Centre point a place to see and be seen in 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo: Centre point is the place to relax in central Vientiane

In teenage cultures all over the world, certain places become popular with the young and sociable. The name ‘Centre Point' is very popular among Vientiane teenagers who want to see and be seen, dress stylishly and gossip.

Centre point is located in Sihom village, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane . Each evening hundreds of young people gather to drink soymilk, eat noodle soup, or snack at roadside food stalls.

Owner of Fun-Oe soymilk stall, Mr Tinoy said the area was crowded with people from 5pm to 11pm every day. Many families come to eat food. Then about 6pm the teenagers arrive to refresh themselves after playing sports.

“Between 8 and 11pm there will be a lot of young people, celebrities and uptown people gathering at the various stalls, many dressed in fashionable styles,” he said.

“Not only local people come here, a lot of foreign visitors also like to relax in this area,” he explained.

The area has been popular among teenagers and young people for quite a while. But it is the current generation who have called it ‘Centre Point.' They say it is the best place to meet their friends, handsome boys or pretty girls and other uptown people.

Before 2000, there were only a few soymilk and food stalls in the area. It was called nam taohou na hongnang (soymilk in front of the cinema) then. After 2000, the name changed to si nhaek nam taohou (crossroad soymilk) and now it's known as centre point.

“Previously, there were just a few businesses; they served soymilk, Chinese donuts, noodle soup and ice-cream from stalls along the roadsides. Now there are many more stalls and a greater variety of food, such as papaya salad and other sweet drinks,” Mr Tinoy said.

A National University of Laos student, Mr Yai, said he picked up his friend and headed to centre point every day. A big attraction of the spot for the boys is the attractive and stylishly dressed girls sitting and talking.

“It's very nice to look at them and sometimes flirt,” he said with a big smile.

A girl from Thongkhankham village, Ms Nouny, said it's the best place to go and meet new people. “Dressing well in the latest fashion is important for both boys and girls here; I don't think the soymilk would taste as good if other people didn't come here to see each other.”

Centre point is a fascinating spot to show 25th SEA Games' visitors, as an example of modern Lao culture that is truly youthful and outward looking.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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