Lao-ITECC designates as sport venue for 25th SEA GAMES

Posted by samakomlao Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lao-ITECC has become one of the venues to be used for 25th Seagames, the first grandiose regional event ever to take place in Laotian soil, after the 25 Seagames Organising Committee has selected this Shopping Center as one of the main venues to be used for competition of 3 sports such as: Sepak Katraw, Panjak Silat and Wushu (Martial Art) during the 25th Seagame to be held in Laos in December 2009.

Mr. Souliyong Youivanivong, General Manager of the Lao World Co.LTD stated that: ITECC started its construction in 2003 and completed in 2004 with an aim to be used as main venue for hosting the ASEAN-related Meetings in February 2004, 10th ASEAN Summit in Nov 2004 and other international meetings that Laos has gained privilege as a host country. Beside, the trade exhibition has also been held here displaying agricultural, industrial and handicraft products, consumer goods, as well as holding reception, wedding reception. ITECC could accomodate up to 2000 guests. The ITECC also has 32 laned-Bowling Center, 2 Cineplexes and Snooker Courses. Due to is its easy access and convenience, particularly its large parking lot, the ITECC holds trade exhibition 2 times monthly showcasing local product as well as products from neighboring country such as vietnam and Thailand.

During the 25th Seagames, the ITECC has been designates as venue for the competition of the 3 sports mentioned aboved in which the Sepak Takraw and Wushu will take place at its main hall inside ITTECC and Panjak silat will take place at reception hall on second floor. During the end of November ahead of the Games, the Seagame Organising Committee will conduct improvement works such as lighting, audience seats improvement for accommodating 1000 audiences.

In order to contribute to the success in hosting the game, ITECC will charge no rent fee and kindly help pay for electricity, cleaning fee. During the game, ITECC will allow exhibition only on its parking lot in order to let the audiences be able to buy things back home. Moreover, Lao world Company has simultaneouly gained privilege to provide foods including breakfast, lunch and dinner for approximately 3000 to 4000 Laotian and foreign athletes at Athletes Residences located in National University.

Mr. Souliyong has futher stated that: the Subcomittee for Public Security will be responsible for security-related matters during the game and will conduct in-place security commands to ensure 100% of security, same standard that Laos previously provided in hosting international events.

Source: Vientianemai
Translated by: Boy in VT

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