The rehearsal of "Golden Rice Field", a part of performances prepared for the Openning and Closing Ceremony of the 25th Seagame to be held in Vientiane, capital of Laos in late 2009, is being continuously rehearsed at Nongbon High School and 65% ready.

Mr. Phoumy Phomkeona, Head of Nongbon High School, concurrently the director responsible for 'Golden Rice Field' and "Keua Kao Gad" performances which will be used at Opening and Closing Ceremony of 25 Sea Games had confirmed in an interview that the "Golden Rice Field" performance is being continuously rehearsed already 6 weeks at the front playing ground of Nong bon high school, with 410 students, 10 reserves, as well as 20 leading performers from Central Artists Troupe are in participation. With respect the Keua Kao Gad performance, the rehearsal will start soon. During October to November, the two performances will participate in grand rehearsal at National Stadium at Km 16, Saythani District.

Mr. Phoumy had further stated that: the rehearsals faced difficulties during initial period such as: shortage of vehicle accommodating students, performers. Therefore, the participating students mostly have no rider license and sent to school by their parents with most of students were ontime, but few students were late.

The rehearsal is being conducted every saturday from 8 am in morning session and 1pm-6pm for afternoon session during the initial period. For the grand rehearsal period, the Sea Games Organising Committee will provide vehicles for picking up and sending students to their home to ensure smooth rehearsals and to assure best and brilliant performance for the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 25 Seagame.

Source: vientianemai
translated by VTE boy

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