25th SEA Games theme song unveils

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, June 21, 2009

The theme song of the 25th SEA Games, entitled "The spirit of the flame" was finally unveiled in Laos last week.

Famous Lao singer Sam Intharaphitha, was chosen to present this song for the opening of 25th SEA Games. The song "The Spirit of The Flame" has made it into the final 15 songs out of more than 50 entries. The 15 songs will be released as a special SEA Games album. But only 1 song will be chosen to open the historical event for Laos.

To listen to the song: "The Spirit of The Flame" click at the link

The lyric of this song has a mix between Lao and English version. The first part is in Lao, and the second part is in English.

The lyric of this song in an English part is as follow:

The spirit of the flame:

When the dawn awakes the morning sky
The charm of sunshine would beam the new day
All our lives begin to bloom
With power of our faith

Our dreams are great as the mountains wide
Our hearts fulfilled with glory and pride
Millions will cherish within their hearts to host the Laos SEA Games

Let's get ready, prepare our hearts so forth we are united
Let's join our hearts and hands together
Today Laos will be as one

No matter what we'll never turn away
With hand in hand we'll walk side by side
With our hopes we stand together
With all our hearts cheer for Laos number #1

No matter what challenge we will not fear
Cause we will always stand side by side
Win or lose it doesn't matter
Today Laos will be as one
Today will be Laos' day

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