Vientiane to install CCTV in preparation for SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Friday, May 22, 2009

Closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) are being installed in Vientiane to keep a watch on public security and prepare for the SEA Games.

CCTV officials from the Police Command Centre Project under the Ministry of Defence will install 100 cameras in the first phase, along Road No. 1 from Wattay International Airport to Namphou fountain and at other places, such as major hotels.

Installation of the cameras is taking place from March until September, when they will become operational.

Chief Technical Official Phonekeo Khamphilavong said yesterday project officials had dug more than 30 holes in places where the cameras would be installed. He said the cameras were needed to protect the public against security threats.

“Due to insufficient numbers of police officers, we need to install cameras to maintain social order,” he said.

Mr Phonekeo hopes the cameras will be monitored responsibly as surveillance staff will have to react quickly and coordinate a response to incidents as they arise.

The cameras are also part of government plans to professionalise the police force by introducing more advanced technology in public security activities.

“This work is new for us. We expect it will help us to get a more accurate picture of what is occurring on the streets, particularly in overseeing traffic and anti-social behaviour.”

Initially project officials intended to hang the cameras from street lights, but discovered the lamp-posts could not support the weight of the cameras.

Now the cameras will be installed in appropriate locations near to street lights and traffic signs.

“If a camera is malfunctioning we will be responsible for fixing it, but if someone damages it or a vehicle crashes into it we will seek compensation through the appropriate channels,” Mr Phonekeo said.

After installation in the capital, CCTV is planned for the provinces, but possible new locations have not yet been made public.

Mr Phonekeo expressed his apologies to motorists inconvenienced by the installation of the cameras.

By Phonesavanh Sangsomboun

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