Thailand to send 19 coaches to train Lao athletes

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thailand is ready to send 19 coaches for 8 sports to help Laos in preparation for 25th SEA Games this year and to finalize all plans to help Laos before June 10.

Thailand refused to send coaches of all sports to Laos due to coaches from some ASEAN countries have already proposed to help Laos for training. This was revealed by Jaluek Ariratskaran, deputy director of Thai olympic committee. Laos requested to have coaches from thailand to help Lao athletes in 14 sports namely: Swimming, Thai boxing, International boxing, Snooker, Taekwondo, Sepak Takraw, Athletics, Cycling, Badminton, Table Tenis, Weightlifting, Shooting and Tennis. Thailand has agreed to help Laos in 3 forms: to send coaches to Laos, to train Lao staff to organize the competition, and to accept lao athletes to train and practice in Thailand, totally worth of 3.6 million Baht.

The countries that are now helping Laos for SEA Games, including boxing coach from cuba, Taewondo coach from South Korea.

Thai coach that will be sent to Laos include 3 coaches for Thai boxing, 2 for cycling, 2 for weightlifting, 1 for table tennis, 2 for shooting, 2 for snookers, 4 for Athletics and 3 for Sepak Takraw.

Lao athletes will be sent to Thailand to train in Swiming, Sepak Takraw, Cycling and other sports will be finalized on June 10 before sending the official agreement to Laos on 15 June 2009.

Laos expects to win at least 20 gold medals from the SEA games. Laos may also invite Anne Keothavong, half Lao-English tennis player, to join the 25th SEA Games.

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