National stadium and sport facilities for SEA GAMES 2009

Posted by samakomlao Friday, January 2, 2009

Laos, for the first time in the history, will host the biggest event for the Southeast Asian Games in Vientiane 2009. Check out some of the photos below for the main stadium and other sport facilities to be used for SEA GAMES 2009. All of these photos are taken in October 2008.

Main stadium, built by Chinese company

Indoor stadium at National University in Laos will be used for 25th SEA GAMES

Sport center at Sikeuth village will be used as the training center for athelets

Athletes village located at Dong Dok, National University of Laos

Petanque field located at National University of Laos, to be used for 25th SEA GAMES

Sketch of athelete villages at National University of Laos

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