Lao Shuttlecock players to train overseas

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, June 8, 2008

(KPL) The Shuttlecock Federation has planned to send athletes to train abroad in preparation for the 25th South East Asian Games in 2009 in Vientiane and international competitions.

Lao players won fourth in World Shuttlecock Championship in China in 2001, took third in World Shuttlecock Champion in Germany the year after and won three bronze medals from the 22nd South East Asian Games in Vietnam.

“Our athletes are training with Lao coach in Vientiane and the federation will send 12 of them to train in Vietnam between 15 June and 5 September,” said this week the secretary of the federation Mr Anousone Khenkitisack.

“After practicing in Vietnam, the athletes will have to continue their practise until the end of 2009 as Shuttlecock Federation Cup Competition will take place in Vientiane, which will also be attended by players from Vietnam,” he added.

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