Lao committee pledges improvements to SEA Games 2009 bids

Posted by samakomlao Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Lao National Sports Committee on Tuesday met with officials from those national sporting federations that are not expected to pick up medals at the 25 th SEA Games, to be held in Vientiane in 2009.

The meeting, convened to discuss possible improvements to the country's sporting competency, was attended by the Vice President of the Lao National Sports Committee, Mr Somphou Phongsa, and officials from the golf, bowling, snooker, karatedo, swimming, football, athletics, badminton and tennis federations, amongst others.

“Every sporting federation must have a main sponsor that will support preparations for the games and organise the selection of our best athletes,” said Mr Somphou.

“Each federation must be equipped with an experienced adjudicator, trainer and team, and have secured sufficient funding to support the country's efforts at the games,” he said.

Athletes from a number of sporting disciplines are currently not performing at a level that will ensure success at the SEA Games. These teams were without medals at the 24 th SEA Games held in Thailand last year, and without improvements in training and skills, will find it difficult to compete at the international level again next year, warned Mr Somphou.

Teams competing in petanque, judo, Muay Thai, taekwondo, wushu, sepak takraw, wrestling, boxing, karatedo, pencak silat and rugby, however, are expected to go on to even greater heights, after winning five gold, seven silver, and 32 bronze medals at last year's games.

Source: vientianetimes

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