Traffic routes to the national stadium announced

Posted by samakomlao Thursday, December 3, 2009

The SEA Games Transportation Committee on Tuesday announced transport arrangements for the event.

Committee representative Mr Chanxay Vinavong said traffic arrangements need to be implemented to facilitate transportation during the games, particularly on the days of the opening and closing ceremonies.

“Those days in particular will involve a lot of traffic as it is expected at least 20,000 people will attend so we hope to minimise disruptions and make transport more convenient for everyone.”

The committee reported that all delegations, officials and athletes participating in the opening and closing ceremonies on December 9 and 18 should use Lane Xang Avenue Kaysone Phomvihane Avenue, the Dongdok road and Road 13 South to get to the National Stadium before parking in a designated parking lot.

Spectators coming from the north should travel through Tanmixay village in Xaythany district, and take the newly constructed road to the Udomphon junction where they should turn right onto Road 10 before turning left at Dontiew water tank onto the new road.

This will take them to the Viengving parking area in front of the National Stadium.

People coming from the south should travel to the stadium via central Vientiane . They should turn left at Km21 and pass through Khoksa-ard, Nakhuay and Huakhua junctions or Khoksa-ard, Ban Xok, Xamkhe, and Vangxai junctions, and Nongnieng and Huakhua villages to enter Vientiane .

They can also turn right at Km19 through Dongbang and Ladkhuay to Udomphon junction, drive along the new road until Tanmixay junction and then carry on until they reach central Vientiane .

Mr Chanxay said that parking areas are available for all vehicles outside the stadium.

Vientiane Traffic Police and Fire Fighting Division Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Salong Seng-Athid, said the traffic arrangements will help to reduce traffic jams during the games.

“I'd like to ask people to follow these arrangements on the days of the ceremonies. Traffic will be the same as usual on days without big matches at the main stadium.”

The committee plans to install directions to assist motorists.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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