Football tickets sell out on first day

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tickets for football matches on the first day of competition in the 25th SEA Games have already sold out, according to distributors yesterday.

The 20,000 seats at the National Stadium will be packed with fans cheering for some of the region's most popular footballers on the first day of the games in Vientiane .

SEA Games ticket distributor, Mr Phankham Vongkhanty, also President of the Vongkhanty Construction Company, said many representatives from his company had reported selling all of their tickets, particularly to Vietnamese and Thai spectators.

“We have no tickets left for the match between Thailand and Vietnam or the Malaysia vs Timor Leste game, both of which take place on the first day of the games,” he said.

The first match will begin at 3pm when Malaysia takes on Timor Leste. The second game is the big match of the day and pits Thailand against Vietnam .

Mr Phankham said various Vietnamese tour companies had bought tickets for their customers, while Thai fans also took many of the tickets for the anticipated clash.

“Vietnamese fans will greatly outnumber Thai fans because our staff said the Vietnamese had ordered thousands of tickets from our company. So I think there'll be a lot more red shirts with yellow stars packing the stands.”

He said ticket prices ranged from 50,000 kip to 70,000 kip, which gave spectators the chance to watch both matches.

At the 24th SEA Games in 2007, Thailand and Vietnam played in different groups. In critical matches, Vietnam lost to Singapore 5-0 and Thailand defeated Myanmar 2-0 to win the gold medal. Timor Leste did not enter a football team, and Malaysia placed third in group B featuring Laos , Singapore and Vietnam .

Interviews with coaches at the weekend indicated Vietnam rated their hopes of victory at 50-50 while the Thai team had a firm belief they would contest the final.

Mr Phankham said tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies were already sold out, but he had 100 to 200 tickets that had been booked but not yet collected. If nobody claims the tickets they will be sold outside the stadium on the day of the opening ceremony on December 9.

“I want to remind ticket buyers that opening ceremony tickets can be used for the closing ceremony as well. One ticket will allow entry to both events. Our staff will tear off the top part of the ticket and the remainder can be used to gain entry to the closing ceremony.”

He warned that some ticket touts might tear off the top part of the ticket to sell for entry to the opening ceremony, deceiving people who did not realise the whole ticket was valid for both events. The touts would then sell the other half of the ticket separately for the closing ceremony.

“Our staff and other security personnel won't allow you to enter the stadium for either of these ceremonies if they see your ticket is not the right size,” he said.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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