(Kpl) A five star hotel Don Chan Palace will be a venue for the competition of snooker and billiard during the 25th SEA Games (9-18 December), according to a contact signed at the hotel last weekend.
Deputy President of the National Snooker and Billiard Federation has confirmed the readiness of the Lao players.

Signatories to the agreement on renting space and equipment of the hotel for hosting the snooker and billiard competition were Deputy President of the National Sports Committee, Mr. Somphou Phongsa, or Snooker and Billiard and Don Chan Palace?s Assistant Executive Manager, Ms. Angeline Khor. The ceremony was witnessed by concerned officials and press people.

?Snooker and billiard are among the 25 sports to be competed during the 25th SEA Games,? said Mr. Somphou. ?The government has agreed to choose the hotel because it is a standard hotel in Vientiane,? added Mr. Somphou.

Deputy President of the National Snooker and Billiard Federation, Mr. Pasithsay Luangkhoth, said that the federation so far had completed selecting 16 national athletes and they now were training.

More than 100 athletes from Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei will compete in many categories such as single?s snooker, billiard single, double, pool 9 single, double, pool 8 single, pool 9 women?s single, pool 8 women?s single and carom events. The competition will start on 10-17 December.

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