25th SEA Games sport venues finishing line in sight

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sporting equipment will be installed at almost all SEA Games venues by the end of this month, according to the SEA Games Technical and Preparation for Sport Contingent Committee.

The badminton court is almost ready for SEA Games matches.

Vice Chairman of the committee, Mr Phouvan Vongsouthi, said yesterday that 90 percent of the required equipment has already been fitted at each venue, except for the billiards and snooker venue.

The committee reported that most of the sporting equipment is already in Laos , while the rest has been ordered and is yet to arrive from abroad.

Equipment for the archery, badminton, swimming, football, muay, taekwondo, karatedo and shuttlecock events has been ordered but is yet to arrive. It should be received and installed by the middle of this month.

Mr Phouvan said many venues are just waiting for final pieces of equipment, such as the shooting range where most equipment is already installed and just running targets are yet to be delivered from Germany .

“Equipment for the swimming event has already been provided by China , but we had to order some chemicals to treat the water from another country,” he said.

He said officials overseeing the wushu, sepak takraw and pencak silat events are waiting for the That Luang Festival fair to conclude at the Lao International Trade and Exhibition Convention Centre where those events will be held before they install equipment.

The committee confirmed that 25 sports will be contested at the games. There are 370 events in the programme with 1,239 medals on offer, consisting of 370 gold, 370 silver and 539 bronze medals.

Events will be held at six venues in Vientiane - the National Sports Complex at Km 16, National University of Laos' Sport Centre, Chao Anouvong Sports Centre, Lao-ITECC Sports Centre, Beungkhangong Sports Centre and the Don Chan Palace hotel.

The main complex will host the athletics, aquatics, archery, badminton, men's football, golf, shooting, tennis and volleyball (indoor and beach) events. The National University of Laos' Sports Centre will hold the boxing, women's football, petanque, table tennis, taekwondo, weightlifting, and wrestling competitions.

Chao Anouvong will be the site for men's and women's football, judo and karate-do. Lao-ITECC will host the pencak silat, sepak takraw and wushu events. The Buengkhangong Sports Centre will see muay and shuttlecock action, and Don Chan Palace will hold the billiards and snooker events as well as serving as the start and finish points for the cycling races.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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