Put your own 25th SEA Games stamp on it

Posted by samakomlao Thursday, October 29, 2009

Souvenirs. Every major event has them, and the SEA Games is no exception.

As you might imagine, there are already many mementos with which to memorialise the games.

Personalised stamps will provide a suitable souvenir for visitors.
These include everything from locally made handicrafts to mass-produced mascots and other products available for both interested visitors and locals alike.

The Lao National Post and Telecommunications Authority is one of many government sectors in Laos involved in promoting the games.

With this in mind, they have asked for permission from the SEA Games Organising Committee to use the SEA Games logo on special edition personalised stamps to sell as souvenirs for visitors to the games.

The authority's Head of Office, Mr Phueay Sadalom, said yesterday the stamps will be a perfect personalised souvenir for those seeking to preserve memories of the 25th SEA Games in Vientiane .

“Many people believe that stamps are only to be used for mailing letters through a post office, which of course is their primary function. However, they are also valued very highly by people who collect them,” he explained .

The authority is working with Thai British Security Printing in Bangkok , Thailand , to design the stamps.

The first set of one dozen will have four pictures of the National Stadium in the background, four SEA Games logo stamps and four bearing the picture of the purchaser.

The second set will feature four stamps with mascots in the background, with four SEA Games logo stamps and four purchaser pictures.

“Those two designs will be printed in an edition of 12,000 stamps, and will sell for 50,000 kip each,” Mr Phueay said.

Personalised cards with calendars and pictures of buyers, the stadium, and the mascots will also be on sale.

“We still don't know how many we can print because we are in discussions with the printing company. We do know that we will sell them for 30,000 kip each,” he said.

The authority plans to begin distributing the personalised cards from November 15, but the stamps will not be available until the opening day of the 25th SEA Games on December 9.

“We believe that these are great souvenirs that people will want to buy. No other country in this region has created such stamps for previous SEA Games, so Laos is the first to do this for the games,” Mr Phueay said.

Two booths will be installed at the National Stadium during the games to sell the products to visitors and athletes.

“Just take a good photo and we'll print it out. Within 10 minutes, you will get a great set of personalised stamps,” Mr Phueay said.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath
October 30 , 2009

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