25th SEA Games tunes hit the airwaves in Laos

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The SEA Games Opening and Closing Ceremony Committee reported on Monday that they have released a SEA Games promotional CD.

Committee member Mr Xaysavath Singnamvong said there are 33 songs on the CD, covering topics such as friendship, encouragement for athletes and celebrating the sporting event in general.

He said about 70 artists contributed to the album which is now available in markets and music shops around the nation.

“A two CD pack costs 20,000 kip and includes Lao modern and country music. Many of the songs are already popular with music fans,” Mr Xaysavath said.

The committee said it will promote the songs on Lao National Television, Lao Star Channel and radio programmes.

“These media outlets will promote the songs and make them well known in the lead-up to the games.”

Four of the songs will be performed at the opening and closing ceremonies.

“Exactly which songs will be chosen is a closely guarded secret. Even the artists won't know until they are on stage because we want to surprise the audience,” he said.

Some 30,000 copies of the CD were produced, with many businesses around the country already placing orders.

All proceeds from the sale of the CDs will go towards supporting preparations for the games.

Mr Xaysavath said the committee will gather the artists appearing on the album soon to prepare them for the games.

“Most of them already have performance experience and that's why the songs are of such good quality, because we selected talented singers to participate,” he said.

Mr Xaysavath urged the media to help promote the songs before the games begin. “We will provide copies of the CD to radio and television stations.”

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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