Transportation committee seeks cooperation from traffic police

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The SEA Games Transportation Committee yesterday called for traffic police to contribute to a transportation guidebook designed to assist visitors to the games in December.

The Committee's Chairman, Mr Lattanamany Khounnivong, said that all vehicles serving the games will be equipped with the guide books, so the information should contain where to go, which road to take from place to place, and the location of all indoor and outdoor stadiums.

“The book is important because vehicles are responsible for taking their passengers to the right place at the right time. We believe that the new discussion with traffic police will clarify the information we need for the guide books,” he explained.

Mr Lattanamany added that in his experience with previous SEA Games, the guides were printed three months in advance, meaning Laos is now running behind schedule.

The Transportation Committee reported to the Organising Committee on Friday that 512 buses, cars and limousines will serve athletes and guests during the games, including 170 cars for VIP officials, which will be imported from neighbouring countries in November.

“We are now preparing special ID stickers for those VIP cars, which will be used when the cars arrive in two months,” Mr Lattanamany said.

He said other vehicles being used for athletes, coaches and others involved will be sourced from local vehicle associations.

But the committee is currently unable to print the stickers because it is still unclear how many VIP cars will be in use during the games.

“It is only a small problem but it is important for security during the games,” Mr Lattanamany said.

SEA Games Organising Committee Vice Chairman Dr Phouthong Seng Akhom advised not to use SEA Games stickers on government leaders' vehicles, but only for diplomats and other official vehicles.

Mr Lattanamany also believes that emergency evacuation planes and helicopters being brought into the country should come under the control of the Ministry of Defence.

“The better way would be if it were their responsibility and we would be co-workers to fix documents from them to complete the mission,” he explained.

SEA Games Organising Committee Chairman Somsavat Lengsavad asked for the problems to be addressed by the next meeting at the end this month.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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