Graduates to promote Laos at 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New graduate students from the National University of Laos (NUOL) told the media yesterday that they would make the 25th SEA Games an opportunity to promote Laos as much as possible.

The students, from several faculties, conveyed their views to Vientiane Times reporters who interviewed them about their opinions and ideas regarding the promotion of Laos during the games.

High achieving student and red-certificate recipient from the Bachelor of Arts faculty, Ms Vanvisa Luangsouphom, said she believed Lao people should continue to preserve their culture, through demonstrating the traditional dress and events as well as the lifestyles of people in both the county and city.

“This is a secret that those visitors should come to see for themselves,” she said.

“They will discover the reality of the Lao lifestyle here because locals do this better than neighbouring countries, even those that have similar cultures.”

Ms Vanvisa added that she knew culture and tourism were the best ways of attracting more foreign visitors to Laos each year, and so the games would provide a good opportunity to advertise the country to them.

“If I have the chance to talk with them, I will introduce them to Lao culture, character, tourism and food because that will help promote Laos to the world,” she said.

Ms Vanisa also relayed her pride that the government of Laos could organise such a major event, which will also help Laos increase solidarity by promoting itself to neighbouring countries.

She promised to display the best Lao clothing, jewellery and accessories had to offer as much as possible during the event.

Other students also shared their visions for the games.

New graduate and pop singer Manola Souvandouan said that she would promote the games to local people to cheer on Lao athletes, as well as to tell them to be good hosts by smiling, being friendly, providing good hospitality and sharing an enthusiastic and welcoming spirit with visitors from abroad.

“Those things will be presented to audiences while I am on stage.”

“Otherwise, I would like to promote Laos as a natural tourism spot because we have a lot to offer and I believe it can attract more visitors,” she explained.

Some students would like more promotion for the games targeted to local people so as to encourage them to cheer on Lao athletes and give them a proper home ground advantage.

Another red certificate recipient, Ms Bouanin Lathouly, said cheering for Laos is a good way to encourage the athletes.

“It is important to make them know that they have our full support, regardless of whether they win or lose.”

“I like playing badminton so I definitely won't be missing the opportunity to cheer on that event,” she explained.

Ms Bouanin concluded that SEA Games visitors will receive the best possible hospitality from local people and believes they will be satisfied by their experiences at the event.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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