Vientiane Taxi Service knocks off taxi fare for 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, August 23, 2009

(KPL) Vientiane Taxi Service of Lao Group Company decided to knock off a half of its taxi fare for welcoming the upcoming the 25th SEA Games.

The company has a plan to install the map guidance system in order to give trust to passengers.

Ms Bounmy Thebphavong, Chief of Lao Economic Development Company said that after taking for a month, Vientiane taxi received a good feedback from society.

The taxi service is a main image of country gave to foreign guests that many countries have been providing taxi service around the clock, she said.

�We have agreed with the Vientiane taxi Company to decrease the fares, with the aim of attracting more customers and promoting more people to use taxi service, and preparing for welcoming the important events such as the 25th SEA Games, which would be held in December,� she continued.

The taxi fare has so far charged 20,000 kip at the first kilometre and every 300 metres cost 3,000 kip.

But now, the fare is adjusted to be 10,000 kip per at the first kilometre and then every 300 metres cost 2,000 kip.

The new price just operated last week, she said.�All taxi is under installation of security camera and road map system for passenger guidance,� she said. �The road map system is expected to be fully completed before the 25th SEA Games�.
There are 30 taxies are available in Vientiane Capital.The taxi company was a joint venture between Lao Economic Development Company of Laos and a private company of China with a total investment of US$3 million in which Lao company has 49 percent of shares.


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