Many entertainment places to close during 25th SEA Games in Laos

Posted by samakomlao Thursday, August 6, 2009

(KPL) Some night pubs or entertainment places throughout Vientiane Capital might be ordered to close their operation temporarily during the 25th SEA Games, after having entertainment places found as guilty.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security told KPL news that it would prepare a plan to join a co-operation with Vientiane Capital Information and Culture Office in inspecting the entertainment places, which have been seen as seriously social impact.

It pointed out that now many young people including students who have only 13-18 age, were seen in society they were being persuaded by many unsuitable things especially some entertainment places, which infringed regulations and principle.

Mr Sengpheth Phommaly, Deputy Head of Vientiane Capital Security Office disclosed yesterday that police officers have prepared their plan in order to cope with SEA Games by inspecting the entertainment places and cracking down the criminal gang throughout Vientiane Capital.

Now police officers suspected that having many entertainment places in Vientiane were accused of violating regulations, which involved with allowing many lower-age students to night pub and opening over times.

?Some entertainment places might be risky of enticing the young people step into necrotic drug easier if we no have any regulations for controlling them? said Mr Sengpheth.

He said that many ten places across the Vientiane Capital would be ordered to close their operation temporarily when police officers found many shortfall and guilty. As a group of business people who operate their business on entertainment they opened green light for young people aged lower than 18 year-old going to night pub.
He added that now the criminal and thief issues have been increased continuously, almost of cases are involved with young people.

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