Sprucing Vientiane to usher in 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Friday, July 3, 2009

(KPL) To usher in the 25th SEA Games and the celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the foundation of Vientiane, the Vice-Mayor of Vientiane, Mr Somvandy Nathavong told the media that the Vientiane Office would be implementing a policy of six objectives to make Vientiane a pleasant city.

The six items are cleanliness, security, greening, good lighting, charm and civilility. Touching on cleanliness, he said his people had been going round the city to tell the local residents to cooperate with one another to maintain cleanliness and to ensure safety.

The officials of the city of Vientiane, he added had been looking at the work of Hanoi city in maintenance of cleanliness and they are applying some of the lessons that they have learnt from their Vietnamese counterparts.

Mr Somvandy said, “We are planning to survey and inspect the vehicles that enter the city and based on a digestion of the data we will decide on allowing specific types of vehicles to enter the city and those that can only operate in the outskirts.”.
“We will also carry out a population survey, ask the local authorities to form voluntary labour groups to clean their areas on Saturdays and to plant trees on the two sides of the roads,” he added.

Touching on security he said, “We are mobilising the army of every village to maintain security in and around the town.”

But, the task of cleaning the road, he said is the responsibility of the Vientiane Urban Development Administration Authority (VUDAA)”.

For the Buengkhayong Authority, Ms Kongkham said, “We will do as much as we can. We will encourage people to clean around their houses, especially those living alongside main roads, because the task of road cleaning isn’t the sole responsibility of the Vientiane Urban Development and Administration Authority alone”.

She also said village authorities would continue to organise special cleaning days to encourage residents to get into the habit of caring for their community.

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