Laos invites Lao-British to play tennis in 25th SEA Games

Posted by samakomlao Monday, June 8, 2009

(KPL) Laos is planning to recruit Anne Keothavong, a Lao-British tennis player, whose ranking is the top of the pole in England and ranked 48th in the world to play for Lao during the coming 25th SEA Games, but the Lao National Sports Committee is mulling over the problem of transferring her nationality so that her legal status is Lao.

Laos is already in touch with Anne and has already invited her to join the Lao women?s tennis team but she has not revealed any information on the offer to the press.
Anne was born on 16 September 1983, in Hackney, located in the north of London.

Her parents are Lao and they migrated to England from Laos some time back.
She started to play tennis from the age of seven.

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