2009 SEA Games Stadium almost success

Posted by samakomlao Sunday, May 17, 2009

(KPL) Up to date, the construction of the SEA Games Stadium, located at Km16 in Saythany district , an important facility to be used for the opening and closing ceremonies of this regional sporting event, has achieved 90 per cent completion and this was said by the Head of SEA Game?s Stadium Construction Project, Mr Khiengkham Phoutchanthavongsa on 14 May.

Minister to Prime Minister?s Office, President of National Sports Committee and Vice President of SEA Game?s Organising Committee, Dr Phouthong Seng-Akhom who visited the SEA Games 2009 Stadium said that the rest of the work are the entire decoration of the stadium, electrical installation and the laying of carpet grass.

Dr Phouthong said, ?Some people don?t understand the entire process and mistakenly believe the construction will not be completed before the games, but since 90 per cent of it has been completed so that the handover date can be as early as September.

Other indoor and outdoor courts, located in Chao-Anouvong stadium in Anou village, Chanthaboury district, International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre, Beungkhayong stadium and National University of Laos are all at the stage of near completion.

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