Laos prepares to house and feed 25th SEA Games athletes and visitors

Posted by samakomlao Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(KPL) The 25th SEA Games Committee for Accommodation, Food, Decoration and tourism is in need of financial support to cater to the domestic and foreign visitors as well as athletes, and they would boost the local economy by spending as much as four billion kip.

Deputy Mayor of Vientiane, Somvandy Nathavong, who is in charge of this committee, revealed that regarding the hosting of this sporting event here, the Lao government is making an effort to strengthen the solidarity, culture, economy and friendship among the participating countries.

He said this when he to the Vientiane executive broad on 24 April on the progress of the preparation for the upcoming 25th SEA Games, to be held in Vientiane at the end of this year.

He said that the cost of the preparatory work for his committee is 4.8 billion kip.
At the present, 70 hotels in five districts in Vientaine Capital are considered fit to accommodate the visitors and athletes, he said to the executive board.

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