Beer Lao injects 25 billion kips for 25th SEA Games preparation

Posted by samakomlao Monday, April 20, 2009

Brewery continues to back Lao sport

The Lao Brewery Company, producer of Beerlao, announced the four major sports it intends to sponsor at the 25th SEA Games in Vientiane this December.

It will support the four sports in which it feels Laos has the best medal hopes: football, muay lao, pétanque and taekwondo.

The company made the announcement at a press conference on April 10.

Company Managing Director Kissana Vongsay said all the staff at the company were proud to work for a company which was a major sponsor of the games and were fully supportive of Lao athletes.

“The company has contributed almost 20 billion kip towards games preparation, and we believe these funds will inspire all Lao people around the country to be of one heart, united in cheering on our athletes to glory at the games,” Mr Kissana said.

Also present at the announcement was Muay Lao Federation Secretary Phon Keochomsy. He said muay was a popular martial art in many countries of the world, and had been part of the SEA Games since 2004.

Laos achieved one gold and three silver medals at the games in the Philippines , and went on to secure one gold, three silver and four bronze medals at the last SEA Games, which were held in Thailand .

“This year Laos hosts the games so we are practising furiously to prepare our kick-boxers. We want to win as many medals as we can. We believe we can win at least four gold medals in December,” Mr Phon said.

For his part, Lao Football Federation President Phouvanh Vongsouthi said although the Lao football team's form had been less than encouraging of late, this time the Lao football team will fight to reach the semi-finals of the SEA Games.

“Our footballers are under 23 years old. Compared with other footballing nations in the region Lao football is still not strong enough, but I believe our team will do their best for the Lao people.”

Mr Phouvanh said the players were determined to improve their results and rise to the challenge as they will be on home soil. They were practising diligently both at home and abroad and the team is currently training in Vietnam .

Players of two other sports, pétanque and taekondo, also hold out hopes of medals for Laos .

A new Beerlao television commercial featuring leading muay lao kick-boxers was launched following the announcement.

By Souknilundon Southivongnorath

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