Laos to host SEA Games broadcast rights meeting

Posted by samakomlao Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laos has announced it will host a meeting to discuss television broadcasting rights for the 25th SEA Games which will run from December 9-18 in Vientiane , according to the Phetchampa Advertising Company.

The company is responsible for managing advertising and TV broadcasting rights issues for the games, following a decision by the SEA Games Organising Committee of Laos.

Phetchampa Advertising Company Director Mr Khammoui Keomany told local media last week the meeting on TV broadcasting rights will run from March 26-28 in Vientiane .

Mr Khammoui, who is also the chairman of the sub-committee on sales, commerce and copyright for the games, said regional interest was high.

“More than 40 television channels in Southeast Asia are interested in sending their representatives to attend the meeting this month.”

He said the main topics to be discussed would be host preparations for TV broadcasting, media ID cards, immigration, customs and shipping.

“We are open to participants if they have any questions on TV rights,” he said.

“We will invite representatives from each committee to report on their rules. For example, customs officials will talk about their arrangements for foreign media who will bring equipment to cover the games, such as cameras,” Mr Khammoui added.

He said the procedure for setting broadcast fees was clear.

“TV broadcasting fees will be set according to the rules of the SEA Games Federation (SEAGF).”

Cable TV, free TV, satellite, Internet and mobile phone broadcasting fees would all have to be determined, he said.

Prior to this meeting, the SEAGF has organised meetings aimed at improving the standard of SEA Games TV broadcasting to make it more professional.

At a SEAGF meeting in Vientiane last November, the process to sell broadcasting rights to the games was approved. SEAGF also approved 390 events in 25 sports to be scheduled for competition at this year's SEA Games to be broadcast live on screens at other competition venues.

Laos will use about 16 mobile broadcasting vans to cover all sports venues and will employ more than 144 people to work as cameramen and producers. The budget for the management of TV broadcasting is about 34 billion kip (US$4 million).


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